Jennifer Carolan

Jennifer is the co-founder and General Partner at Reach Capital, a venture fund focused on early stage education technology start-ups. Reach has been the most active early stage education investor since 2012. Prior to Reach, Jennifer Carolan was a managing partner at NewSchools Venture Fund where she led the NewSchools Seed Fund. for three years, Jennifer taught Innovations in Teaching 338 at Stanford's School of Education/

Jennifer began her career as a teacher in traditional district schools AND became interested in how educators address a diversity of learners in the typical classroom. After studying differentiation at Stanford School of Education, she published her research in Education Leadership and has since been on a pursuit of finding tools to help teachers personalize instruction more effectively.  Jennifer sits on the boards of Nearpod, EdSurge, WriteLab, BetterLesson, and PeopleGrove.

Jennifer lives with her husband and three kids in Palo Alto, CA.